April 10, 2014

hello spring

So much has been happening lately. Like the weather, I can feel myself changing.Blooming into something else. I have felt stuck on autopilot for so long, the lack of control has been giving me a lot of stress. So I decided to take control of what I can and start changing my daily routine among other things. My creativity has been blocked for so long, I want to get back into the things I love. On the bright side, the weather has been wonderful.After what seemed like the longest winter ever, spring is finally here. I am starting with cleaning and making my environment better. I need to get rid of a lot of junk and get rid of some of this negative energy I have been harboring. I apologize for my inconsistency with this blog. On a different note, my mother and I have started making greeting cards to sell and they are adorable! I will post photos once we have a decent amount. Another thing I am starting again is my creative writing, so I will share that soon as well. Hope you all are doing lovely!


Also, the sunsets have been absolutely beautiful.
&My friend did this awesome project with a copy machine, I love the way it came out!


  1. It really was the longest winter ever. I am so ready to shed my skin. I'm glad you are too :) I can't wait to see your creative writing and more of your lovely photos, I miss you so much when you're gone!! Are you still on Kik? add me, I'm holly_cassell


  2. Your photos are all so lovely :) I love reading your blog! I'm just about to head into winter on this side of the globe so enjoy the warmer weather for me!

    M xx